Installation is the process of bringing a design to life.

The HOE team installs the living elements of the design. The installation crew prepares the beds, amends the soil, shapes the bedlines, and places the plants according to the design layout. The landscape designer or project manager inspects their placement, tweaks the placement if necessary, and only then are the plants installed. Once installed the planting team mulches the new plantings.

HOE coordinates with a network of artisans and technicians who install the hardscape elements. These construction professionals include masons, carpenters, lighting and irrigation system designers, plumbers and electricians.. HOE works closely with them and coordinates and  supervises construction through project completion.

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  • Each project requires a unique design solution.
  • No two properties are the same.
  • Each project, regardless of property size or scope,
    receives the same level of attention and follow thorough.