#1 As a boutique landscape design company we consider our size an asset.
Building and maintaining relationships with our clients is one of our strengths.
We have clear values and goals, and our size allows us to provide exceptional personalized service.

#2 Your home is one of the most significant financial investments you will ever make.
Working with HOE will prevent you from making expensive mistakes. We’ll educate you about your options and guide your decisions to make the right choices.

#3 A well designed landscape will add value to your home and will provide many opportunities for you and your family to relax, to rejuvenate, to play, to gather, and to work remotely.

#4. You deserve a unique landscape, a design that is tailored to your property and which communicates your style, your interests, your values.

#5 A HOE landscape that is designed with care and thought not only enriches your life and the lives of your friends and family, but it also contributes to the health of your community and to the health of our planet.

People hire us for a variety of reasons.

They are designing a house or have bought a new house and they need a master plan plan for how they will use the grounds around the house.

They’ve lived in their house for 25 years and their gardens are tired and overgrown.

They have  a new addition to their home and they want  new plantings to expand their garden.

Their children have grown and they envision a water feature where the play set was.

They want  their front yard to be beautiful to attract potential buyers.

They need more privacy from the neighbors.

They want to grow organic vegetables and become a Farm to Table family.

They envision a gathering area where they enjoy their friends and family.

They imagine a sanctuary space, a quiet area where they can meditate, reflect and read.

They want to have a  functional  backyard that meets the needs of their family.

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  • Each project requires a unique design solution.
  • No two properties are the same.
  • Each project, regardless of property size or scope,
    receives the same level of attention and follow thorough.